Connect to Success

Connect to Success (C2S) is a Luso-American Development Foundation program,, which aims to strengthen the Portuguese economy by supporting the growth of women owned businesses (WOBs) in Portugal. The program currently has more than a 1000 registered women entrepreneurs.

How does it work?

The initiative is composed of three main components: Corporate Mentoring, MBA Masters Consulting, and business-oriented workshops.

The Corporate Mentoring program has been designed to provide participating female business owners with valuable insight to assist them in strengthening and accelerating the growth of their enterprises. The project matches women business owners with a team of mentors made up of subject matter experts from the biggest corporations in Portugal. Through a year-long program, mentors and mentees engage in two-hours of mentorship each month.

The MBA/Masters Business Consulting initiative offers WOBs an opportunity to get a specific business challenge addressed by teams of MBA and Masters students over the duration of a semester. Additionally, the students are able to apply their newly acquired business and consulting skills to real projects, thereby gaining practical experience and insight.

Our Workshops focus on developing the tangible and soft business skills necessary for WOBs to run a successful business. Subjects are wide-ranging and include topics such as marketing and social media, leadership training, competitive intelligence, basic accounting and operational management.

To Participate in the above described components, women entrepreneurs must register on the C2S network in the Join Our Community page.


C2S was founded to help women entrepreneurs navigate barriers to economic growth. Supporting women’s economic empowerment and businesses is imperative for the rehabilitation, recovery and growth of Portugal’s economy.

C2S creates synergies between entrepreneurs, NGO’s, corporations, academia among many others. The different ecosystems result in helping women entrepreneurs survive in a volatile economic environment.

More Information

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