Corporate Mentoring


The Corporate Mentoring Program pairs participants with a team of subject matter experts from the largest and well-known corporations in Portugal, providing women-owned-businesses (WOBs) with valuable insight to assist them in strengthening and accelerating the growth of their enterprises. Mentors have the opportunity to work in different industries, and broaden their leadership and management skills.

The corporations participating in our program are publicly recognized for their efforts to support WOBs.

Throughout the one-year duration of the program, mentors and the mentees will engage in monthly in person meetings, with consistent but less formal communications throughout the remainder of month. Their communications will center on discussing the WOBs strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats and developing strategies to resolve their issues and exploit their opportunities.

More than 45 of the biggest companies in Portugal have or are currently participating in the program, having contributed to the growth of close to 100 women-owned-businesses.

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Corporate Mentoring Program

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“The Travelstore American Express group has participated to the Connect to Success initiative with great enthusiasm. I believe that we have learned as much as our mentee in this whole process. It is certainly very valuable to be reminded how difficult it is to launch a new business and to be able to overcome all the obstacles we may find in the road to success.”

– Frédéric Frère, CEO at Travelstore American Express – Corporate Mentor

For any woman who owns a business, Connect to Success´s combines the best of both worlds: flexibility and opportunity to run my own business with the resources and community usually found in large companies. Being a part of Connect to Success´s programs, has allowed me, and my business, to grow and build a network of female entrepreneurs who want to fulfill their dreams of owning their own business. I am very grateful for this opportunity.”

– Ana Margarida Matos, Cidade dos Cuidados – Corporate Mentee

“Connect to Success is being a very valuable and rewarding experience. Our role as mentors has allowed us not only to share our knowledge and expertise, but also to learn about our mentee’s business, and be inspired by her constant desire and motivation to innovate and overcome every challenge. We are really proud and happy to be part of Connect to Success!”

– Mariana Victorino, Managing Director at Porter Novelli,
Portugal – Corporate Mentor

“The Connect to Success Mentoring Program has made all the difference into my business. I´ve learned from the vast experience of my mentor and has helped me to stay FOCUSED and think strategically. Highly rewarding and life changing experience.”

– Esther Liska, Glow Woman Club – Corporate Mentee