C2S’s practical workshops focus on developing the tangible business skills necessary for WOBs to run a successful business. Subjects are wide-ranging and include topics such as marketing and social media, leadership training, competitive intelligence, basic accounting and operational management, or soft skills like confidence building, or creating and presenting yourself as a brand.

Past workshop topics include: Strategy (SWOT Analysis); Negotiations Best Practices; Introduction to Finance; How to sell in 30 seconds; Developing a Business Plan; Risk Capital; Social Media and Digital Marketing; Human Resources; European Funds for SBEs; Professional Image; Digital Strategies in Changing World; Webpage Development for Beginners; Setting Goals; Personal Branding; Communication Skills among others.

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Deloitte Workshop: “Brand Management & Digital Strategies in a Changing World”, Porto. March 15 2018

“Creating an Innovation Economy`` Conference, November 29 2017

Business Skill Building Seminar, in partnership w/ FEP, September 23 2017

Media Workshops Lisboa, April 12-19 2017


Azores Workshops, October 2016


ISCTE Business School Workshops, October 2015

Deloitte Workshop: “Brand Management & Digital Strategies in a Changing World”, Lisboa. March 8 2018

``Capitalizing on the Influx of Tourism in the Azores” Conference, October 27 2017

“A Role Model in the Tech World”, a Talk by Cristina Fonseca. September 14 2017

Católica Business School Workshops, March 11 2017


FEUC Workshops, June 2016


PBS Workshops, May 2015

Media Workshops S. Miguel Island, January 2018

C2S Website Launch, October 2 2017

Media Workshops Porto, June 23 2017

Pitching Workshops, March 10 2017


FLAD Workshops, May 2016


Católica Business School Workshops, March 2015

Media Workshops Terceira Island, January 2018

Habitat for Humanity Activity, September 28-30 2017

“Make it Happen” Movement, June 8 2017

Workshops Azores February 2017


Fábrica de Startups & Le Wagon Workshops, April 2016